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Virtual Private Servers

Managed Nodes has taken a unique approach to virtualization allowing customers to embrace both forms of virtualization from different software vendors seamlessly. In addition customers can chose if they wish to have dedicated virtualized environments or a shared virtualization platform.

With the advances in virtualization technology of the past few years the number of choices customers have to develop virtualized solutions may seem daunting. Two forms of virtualization are most common in today’s datacenter. Each solution has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Container-based Servers

Containers allow a single host operating system to create isolated containers where customers may run their applications. These are typically referred to by the hosting industry as Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Hypervisor-based Servers

Hypervisors allow full versions of an operating system to be run on the same hardware platform. Modern hypervisors take advantage of hardware assistance provided by the latest generation of Intel and AMD CPU’s. These operating systems have drivers installed to allow efficient sharing of resources.