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Call Centers

If you still do not have a call center and wish to implement one in your company, Managed Nodes helps you with the implementation and startup of your center, providing the necessary infrastructure and the respective training to operate it successfully and with the timing required since our experience in the assembly of remote call centers allows us to respond rapidly to your requirements.


We count on centers of Operations in San Salvador, El Salvador, equipped with more than 50 operating stations and with the capacity to offer services 24/7.
The leaders of our operative consultants are results oriented floor supervisors, trained on effective coaching techniques which allow for a high level of personnel motivation, low levels of absenteeism and rotation.
Our permanent monitoring systems of the operation, placed within the reach of our customers, allow for obtaining all types of statistical reports which respond to the most different variables. All of this in order to make opportune and proactive decisions.



Experience. With over 7 years of managing customers of national and international organizations, of the most diverse sectors such as telecommunications, banking, products of mass consumption, pharmacies, department stores, communications and other industrial, commercial and service sectors.

Department Stores


The quality is assumed in two aspects: the human resource and the processes. Our personnel is selected under discriminating profiles according the process to be carried out, constant training and development with internal promotions. The processes are insured through the quality control with permanent monitoring of screens and voice.


The flexibility and adaptability of our technological solutions, is manifested by the installation of the most diverse interaction campaigns.


The knowledge and talent of our technical and operating personnel allow us to adapt the support tools.


We work under strict confidentiality norms which start from the commercial process and involve the entire operating process.